Story of Coin Jewelry

By Peter Celica

From the beginning of time, men and women have created jewelry out of stuff found in the surroundings. Everything from minerals, plants, seashells, and of course metals such as gold and silver, but one may amaze you... coins.

Coin jewelry isn't innovative when compared to the pages of history. In reality, you can find archaeological proof of coins being cut as well as punctured from medieval times. From the arrival of coinage, coins were frequently drilled or pierced as a handy thing in order to be donned around the neck or affixed to an item of clothing.

Right now, there are plenty of ways to the actual ways that coin jewelry is created, however the main two methods are whole and cut coins. In cut coin jewelry, the coin is modified in some way simply by cutting, pounding, shaping, or drilling it. Whole coin jewelry effectively endeavors to preserve the original coin by positioning it in position using the jewelry bezels.

It is legitimate to say that old coins is usually irrevocably damaged by coin jewelry making, but the final item is usually so gorgeous that the price is much more valuable than the original coin in many cases. As an example, take the lowly penny. The penny is merely valued at one cent, yet can be converted into a piece of art that will probably be worth much more. Almost all coin jewelry will probably undergo wear and tear as they are worn as a result of rubbing, natural oils and salt in skin, along with other kinds of degradation.

Naturally, we recommend that you utilize coins that aren't so uncommon that the sacrifice of using them for coin jewelry far exceeds the aesthetic worth of the piece. However, keep in mind that preserving coins in the form of jewelry will be a way to emphasize the artistry and design of the actual coins as well. In reality it will provide you with ways to join yourself along with the historic meaning of those coins. For instance, if you are a Civil War aficionado, then you may possibly think it is incredibly appealing to wear a necklace with US half dollar from 1861.

There are numerous ideas that you could take coins, and use them as jewelry adornment. They can be formed into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cash clips, tie tacks & bars, cufflinks, ankle bracelets, and even more!

While it might be legitimately said that creating jewelry from coins produces scarcity of coins themselves, it is also accurate that it likewise boosts the attractiveness of the coins. The appreciation level is not as elevated as when a coin piece is stuck away from you in a drawer somewhere. - 31899

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American Gold Eagle Coins Are Gaining Popularity

By Miki Lyles

First minted in 1986, the US Gold Eagle coin is an official gold coin of the United States. It was authorized under the Gold Bullion Act of 1985, and originally was available in many denominations.

This is a unique coin because the US Gold Eagle is the only gold bullion coin verified to have a true gold weight. This coin must contain only American gold. This is a nice coin to add to any collection, and this has a lot of meaning when it comes to gold coin collections.

The US Gold Eagle coin, guaranteed to contain the amount of gold stated, comes in four different denominations: 1/10 ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce, and one ounce of pure gold.

Metal alloy of silver and copper that makes a wear resistant case to keep the money safe treats the U.S. Gold Eagle. It's minted using twenty two carat cold, and its content is greater than solid gold .916.

Miley Busiek made the male eagle holding the olive branch on the U.S. gold coin's opposite side. He circles a nest with a lady eagle and her freshly hatched babies.

The US Gold Eagle coin value fluctuates with the current market value of the gold content, rather than reflecting the coin's face value. Originally they were available in $5, $10, $20, and $50 face values; they presently sell for $110, $225, $450, and $900.

First created using roman numerals, the United States in 1992 changed the date to Arabic numbers. Whilst every United States Gold Eagle coin is exactly the same as another in the majority of ways, they're different when it comes to how much the weight and the face value inscription on the other side.

If you collect coins and want something to invest in, consider the US Gold Eagle. More than three hundred years ago they were created to conform to the standards of the day, and in after many years they'll still be in top condition. It's guaranteed by the U.S. Mint to match its content and weight of gold. - 31899

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Green, Gold or Silver - What's The Color of Your Money?

By Brian Gosur

Kermit the frog sings a great song called, " It's Not Easy Being Green". I think that if money could talk, that would be it's favorite song. It's not easy being an American dollar today. It's value continues to drop and drop and drop. Some are predicting the eventual collapse of the dollar.

Ever since Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard back in 1971, the dollar has faltered. That green paper you carry around is just that. Paper! But whenever the dollar falls the price of silver and gold go up.

I have been involved with the network marketing business for a brief period of time, and in the time I have been with some very well known companies that have been around for a long long time. I am using an internet marketing system to market my businesses that is the best on the planet. It has completely changed the way I do business today.

The best investments right now is gold and silver. Commodities. That is your best protection against inflation. There are also some great buys in real estate, if you have access to the capital, but have you seen the price of gold and silver recently?

Gold is about $1200 an ounce, and silver is going for about $18.00 an ounce. According to Robert Kiyosaki, silver is the better buy right now than gold. He says you should be buying it up. Why?

1. Gold is more plentiful then silver. 2. Silver is more in demand for manufacturing purposes. 3. You can get 60 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold you buy.

We need to take a long hard look at our budgets. I know it's not easy, but see what you could save if you cut out Starbucks everyday. Maybe drop one of those movie channels or see if you can't car pool to the office. If you find a way to save a hundred bucks a month and invest that green paper for some real money... Silver money. Just think where you would be by the end of the year. At the end of five years?

I don't know how you are about new years resolutions, but this one sounds worth looking into. Putting your paycheck into a bank that pays you 2.5% or in silver that could pay 50% or more.

Could silver hit $100 an ounce?....Some are saying yes. What would be the color of your money then?

Real Money - [link;network marketing];network marketing];Gold and Silver]

- 31899

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Numis and Mlsp a Marriage From Heaven

By Bob Howard

It is not too often that two things come together that make a perfect match and complement each other where the two added together is better than the sum of the two. With The Numis Network and MLMLeadSystemPro or MLSP this is exactly what has happened. MLSP if the best online marketing system on the planet.There is a correct way to market online and MLSP knows exactly how to do that. Additionally there are many different companies one can market but right now one of the best companies is Numis Network.

First I will cover Numis Network and why it is such a great opportunity. The selling of numismatic coins is the business of The Numis Network. The study and collection of money is called Numismatics. Numismatic coins are collectible coins. The collection of coins has been going on since the beginning of money. Today this is a 10 billion dollar industry in the US and 100 billion dollar worldwide. I know that is hard to believe but these numbers are correct.

What Numis does is sells coins from major governments and mints from around the world. Additionally all the coins are of best quality and condition. What does that mean you ask? Let me explain. The value of coins is determined by four things. The metal content of the coin which are typically silver or gold. How many coins were manufactured or how rare the coin is and what is its condition and quality. The collector demand which is simple supply and demand for the coin. And finally the condition of the exact coin. The combination of all the four things are what make of the value.

The Sheldon Scale is the quality scale used to grade each and every coin. Within this grading system is a 1 to 70 scale and 70 is the highest quality of coin. The value of the coin is significantly affected by the quality grade of the coin. A uniform judging standard is required in order to make sure coins are compared to each other. That is why the industry of numismatists has some standard grading system which are PCGS, NGS and ANACS. These are all third party grading entities that will grade a coin and certify its Sheldon Scale grading. Numis only sells coins that have been certified by one of these entities so you can be sure you are getting what you paid.

To give you an idea of how coins vary in price here is an example. A 2009 Silver American Eagle Dollar has 1 ounce of silver. At the time of this writing a single ounce of silver is worth about $18. That same coin in an MS69 grading is worth about $30 and that same coin in an MS70 is worth $125. To get an understanding of how these coins and appreciate, the 1997 Silver American Eagle Dollar in MS70 is worth about $500 today. As you can see this is a large contrast.

Numis sells recent year collectible coins in the highest quality which is most often the MS70 grade. It is important to understand that Numis is not a Precious Metal Investment Program. The collection of numismatic coins. As such is it an asset that you can put on your balance sheet. As you can see this is not purchasing lotions, potions, juices or a service of which are all consumables. You are purchasing an asset that will appreciate over time. As you can see this is BIG.

MLMLeadSystemPro is the number one MLM marketing system on the planet. Some may argue this point but I challenge anyone using any other marketing system to demonstrate the number of people that have had success in MLSP to their system. That is where the rubber meets the road.

What is it about MLSP that makes it work as well as it does? I will give you a high level summary. The four major problems that are faced by direct sales marketers today are a lack of leads, a lack of money, a lack of marketing training and a lack of duplication. MLSP addresses each of these and does it in a unique way.

The principle of attraction marketing is what the system is based on. This is where you promote yourself as a professional not as a peddler or a salesman. Internet marketers designed and built this system explicitly for direct sales and internet marketing. They know it works because they use it. Because of the great value this system offers people just keep using it. The kind of training they offer is so lacking in the network marketing industry everyone is hungry to learn what they teach.

When you put Numis, the best MLM opportunity with MLSP which is the best marketing system on the planet, you have a marriage made in heaven. There is so much more I could not cover in this article. For more details see the video and video visit our web site.

The Marriage of MLSP and Numis

- 31899

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The Dollar is Falling...The Dollar is Falling!

By Brian Gosur

What if you new that the collapse of the American dollar was inevitable? Would it alter the kind of life that you live today? Would your view of your economic future be affected, and what would you change in your life, if you would change anything at all?

It's 1971, and President Nixon has just convinced the world to drop the gold and silver standard and just print paper money. Something always happens when governments do that. You can go all the way back to the Romans and the Greeks. Whenever some Caesar decided to get rid of the gold and silver money and make his own the economy would have mad swings up and down.

Well known men, like Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Shiff say you can predict the future. You don't need some magical window either. Just look at what's in front of you. Open your eyes. Don't stick your head in the sand.

Our government and Europe are printing money like there's no tomorrow. You know what? There may not be. The more the government keeps printing money, the faster the value of the dollar slides down. It will continue in this direction until it hits the bottom. What will happen to your savings account and your 401k then.

That is why gold, silver, oil, real estate continues and will continue to go up in value because the cash that we print is trash. Exchanging your green paper money for commodities such as these is a very smart investment right now. If you continue to work and save all your money, putting it into a bank or 401k, you will lose in the long run.

Take a look at silver. There is less silver in the world then there is gold. People have a tendency to buy and horde gold. Yet silver is used in manufacturing cell phones, computers, and electronics. As silver is being used more it's quantity is shrinking. I can buy 60 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold. Silver is a great investment right now.

Now where will the price of silver be in the next few years? No one can say. Some think that it could very well hit 3 to $4000 an ounce. But one thing we do know is gold and silver prices are going up and the dollar is falling...the dollar is falling! - 31899

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Gold Coins - Collecting or Investing?

By Kevin Goldstein

Gold and silver have been used to make coins for both business and trade ever since the first coins were made in Lydia, or western Turkey, in the 6th century BC. They bore faces of either a bull or a lion on the front and either a seal or a punch mark on the back. They were made from an alloy of gold and silver called electrum, which could be found in the local rivers of the region. They weighed anywhere from .2 grams to 17.2 grams. When these first coins were produced, the practice of coin collecting and investing began and has evolved in various cultures over hundreds and thousands of years.

The use of gold coins waned in popularity during the Great Depression in the United States in 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an order forbidding Americans to hoard any kind of gold. In fact, they were required to turn all but five ounces of their gold in to the Federal Reserve for a low exchange rate. It was at this time the government completely took over the gold standard to try and repair the national wealth. Since America was a leader in gold coin trading all over the world, this put an end to the global coinage era. However, the limitation was repealed by Gerald Ford in 1974 and the use of gold quickly regained popularity and many enthusiasts when the country bounced back from the horrible recession.

Today coins are collected and traded by coin enthusiasts, historians, and even businessmen. Gold coins used in business that are kept as an investment or store of value are called bullion coins, and are used to invest gold without considering the actual coins nominal value of the coin. This particular type of coin is not used in day to day commerce and is available in various weights. Gold is considered to be an excellent way of exchanging value because it is easily broken down without having its value affected. Gold is preferred to silver because it has a higher density, higher value, lesser weight, is easily transported, and takes longer to decay than nearly all other metals. It is also much more difficult to counterfeit.

The following coins are produced in various countries and traded all over the world: American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Australian and UK Gold sovereigns. The Canadian Maple Leaf is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and is the official gold coin of Canada. With a gold content of .9999%, it is one of the purest gold coins in circulation in the entire world. This means it contains no other base metals at all, only real gold from Canada. This coin was first introduced in 1979, and since then the Royal Canadian Mint have also produced the Maple Leaf coin in silver, platinum, palladium, and bimetallic.

Of all the different coins in the world, the American Eagle gold coin, designed by Adolph A. Weinman and featuring a walking liberty design, is probably the most popular gold coins. They were minted for the first time in 1986 and authorized by US Congress in 1985. They are available in four different sizes: 1/10 ounce, ounce, ounce, and 1 ounce. Their prices depend on their size and they are available in proof and bullion coins. They are understood to be a very sound investment due to their quality and gold content; they are also produced in platinum and silver as well, with all three being leading bullion coin investments.

The American Buffalo gold coin, designed by the well-known, American sculptor James Earl Frasier and commonly referred to as the "gold buffalo," was introduced to the United States in 1913 by the US Mint, and is still offered by many authorized purchasers. The coin features a Native American Chief on the front side and a buffalo on the back. The back also contains an inscription of the coin's weight, the gold content, and the denomination of the coin. The US government has guaranteed the purity and quality of the American Buffalo gold coin, making it the safest and most risk free trade opportunity.

Gold coins have had their ups and downs over the years, but today they are considered a profitable investment, especially since their value always stays high. Another reason they are considered an important investment is because most countries in the world use gold to back their dollar; their national wealth is assessed by the amount of gold they have. This is why gold and gold coins are profitable no matter where in the world you are located; it is highly valued globally. People who begin to doubt the value of the dollar often purchase gold coins because they know it is a financially secure investment.

Investing in gold coins holds minimal risk to investors, making it a good standalone investment with a value that is normally inverse to that of the stock market. Gold is considered a commodity that stays in demand and is one that always holds good returns. It is easy to purchase coins one at a time and slowly build up the size of your portfolio. If you need money, you can sell the coins you have at the current market rate. - 31899

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