Get Started Collecting Old United States Coins-The Hobby That Pays You Back!

By Andrew Spaeth

Ever since the nation was founded, people have been collecting old United States coins. This is one of the most popular hobbies around, and one of the few that will pay you back. If you take the time to learn all you can about the hobby, you will make good decisions and purchase coins that go up in value over time.

To get started collecting old United States coins you will need to decide what type of collection to build. You can collect a series of coins, like a complete set of Barber Half Dollars or Washington Quarters. These are both popular series that collectors have enjoyed for years. The trick to completing a series is getting the rare, or key dates covered. Because they are rare they are very expensive.

You could also get into type coin collecting where you collect 1 coin of each type within a series. For example 1 of each type of half dollar, quarter, or silver dollar. Another great type set would be a set of 20th Century coins. This would be 1 example of every coin minted between 1900 and 1999. A type set is easier to complete because it does not require the rare, expensive key dates.

However you decide to build your collection, you must learn all you can about the hobby and the coins in particular. The coin collecting hobby is full of traps and pitfalls for the uninformed or naive. By learning about the coins and hobby, you can avoid costly mistakes, such as paying too much for your coins.

Every new collector will want to get a copy of the Guide Book Of United States Coins, AKA the Red Book. It is truly the Bible of US coin collecting, and is a wealth of knowledge. Some collectors even collect the Red Book! Looking at different editions across the years can show how coin values have gone up (or down).

New collectors should also buy a copy of the Photograde book. This book will show you how to grade coins. This is a skill you will want to have because a coin's condition has an impact on its price. By learning to accurately grade a coin before you buy it, you will make solid purchases that will increase in value. It will also help you avoid overpaying for your coins. This is important because most coins you see will be graded higher than they really are. You will be able to spot bargains and avoid overpaying.

Getting a loupe or other magnifying device will help you see the fine detail on a coin and grade it accurately. This will help you decide what to pay for your coins. - 31899

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Easy Methods to Make Money with Silver

By Joyel Goossens

If you ever aren't currently familiar using the treasured metals industry, this stands out as the article you ought to study, to give you some suggestions of an expense which hedges against inflation which is silver expense.

In more than 14 several languages, the words "money" and "silver" are exactly the same. As you know, in simple fact, silver have been regarded as a type of dollars including a store of worth for around 4000 several years. Among other special metals, silver has witnessed incredibly few fluctuations in its cost. But because 2000, silver continues to be within the ongoing bull market place. And right now it truly is deemed as 1 in the important metals through the point of view of purchase. Plus the fundamentals prove that silver will only proceeding a single way up inside the up coming 8 to 10 several years.

Within the final decade, the price of US dollar dropped by around thirty percent, but treasured metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium have elevated by virtually forty percent in price. For each short and lengthy term investors, this steady improve and appropriately high returns have created treasured metals a common preference.

Apart from jewelry and antiques, silver is really a chemical element and is most generally thought to be as an industrial metal than a special metal. Silver is employed in several industries and for numerous purposes. The list of uses for silver are immense, along with the demand is out growing the supply by a substantial margin. The USGS (United States Geological Society) stated that silver will be the very first element on earth to go extinct at 2020. The globe can not function with no silver. Several authorities are saying that silver will need to go to a cost that is certainly economic to recycle it, like what we do with gold.

When you might be contemplating purchase in silver, what are you heading to accomplish?

The simplest and most conventional way should be to personal the physical metal, to obtain silver bullion like silver bars and coins. Each silver bars and silver coins are priced according to their weight and purity, but the premium of silver bars is continually reduce than coins. The second way is to purchase silver exchange traded funds, as opposed to owning, silver is usually purchased inside kind of a security on some with the world's main stock exchanges. Besides the above, it is possible to also purchase silver production stocks, such like the businesses that pull the metal from your ground.

Although preparing to spend money on silver, you should know and understand a lot more about the industry along with the spot selling price. The spot price tag of silver could be the market place cost and as an investor it can be advised that you simply obtain at this cost. Final Friday the news reached Wall Street from London that the Indian government had raised the import duty on silver, the price tag dropped. Within the following 4 to 6 months, the price tag of silver may well will go reduced, and it'll be a spot value including a excellent opportunity to begin the purchase in silver. - 31899

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First America the Beautiful Quarter Release Date Nears

By Michael Zielinski

Collectors will soon be able to put an image to the first five coins of the new America the Beautiful Quarter coin series. After months of waiting the US Mint will unveil the final designs in a special ceremony. Shortly thereafter, the first coin in the series will officially be released into circulation.

The new quarter series traces its origins back to H.R. 6184: America's Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008, which became Public Law No: 110-456. The law provides for the redesign and issuance of quarter dollars emblematic of National Sites in each State, the District of Columbia, and each US Territory. The law specified that the full register of the 56 sites to be depicted must be selected within 270 days of enactment.

The United States Mint revealed the full register of sites on September 9, 2009. This will provide a useful road map for collectors, laying out the sites of the entire eleven year series. The first five issues to be released in 2010 will depict Hot Springs National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Mount Hood National Forest.

Design candidates for the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee at meetings which took place later in the month of September 2009. The design candidates were also presented to the Secretary of the Interior and the chief executive of the host jurisdiction. After considering the feedback and recommendations received, the Director of the US Mint makes a recommendation to the Secretary of the Treasury, who is responsible for making the final design selection.

The revelation of the Treasury Secretary's designs selected for the 2010 quarters will be announced on March 24, 2010. A special ceremony is planned to take place in Washington, DC. The first quarter featuring Hot Springs National Park is expected to be released in the following month. The tentative release date is April 19, 2010. Later in the year, collectors can also look forward to the issuance of five ounce bullion coins which bear duplicate designs of the quarters. These will be released in late summer or early autumn. - 31899

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Get Started Collecting US Silver Half Dollars-An Overview

By Andrew Spaeth

Looking for a valuable and rewarding hobby that is both fun and profitable? Collecting US silver half dollars is just such a hobby. Read on to get an overview of collecting these silver half dollars.

Even though the US mint has produced silver half dollars since 1794, those most often targeted by average collectors were minted between 1892 and 1970. Those minted prior to 1892 are much less common and much more expensive, putting them out of reach for many collectors.

There have been 4 different types of silver half dollars minted since 1892. These are the Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915), the Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1647), the Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) and the Kennedy Half Dollar, which contained silver from 1964 to 1970. Up to and including the 1964 Kennedy Half, these coins contained 90% silver. From 1965 to 1970 Kennedy Halves contained 40% silver.

The 1970 Kennedy Half Dollar was not minted for circulation and only showed up in mint or proof sets. If you find one in circulation it is likely that it was broken out of a stolen mint or proof set. From 1971 on to the present, their is no silver content in any circulation strike US half dollars.

All silver half dollars minted between 1892 and 1964 contain .3617 ounces of pure silver. The ones minted from 1965 to 1970 contain .1479 ounces of silver. This is important from a collecting standpoint because these coins will always be worth at least their weight in silver.

That is why owning silver half dollars is a great hedge against inflation. The demand for silver is almost always greater than the supply, giving it price support on the low end, and increased government spending like we currently have drives the price up. You can be sure that silver prices will never drop to zero like some other investments. You can often buy circulated silver half dollars at silver's spot price because many have no value beyond their silver content. - 31899

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Why Collect American Eagle Silver Coins?

By Harry Ramirez

Under President Reagan, U.S. Mint Director Donna Pope had just what she considers her biggest achievement: Creation of the American Eagle Silver and American Eagle Gold bullion coin programs.

This was a first within the history of the U.S. Mint.

The purpose of the program was to provide individuals the possibility to own actual silver and gold certified in weight and purity through the U.S. Mint. Later, Congress sanctioned them to be used in IRA plans.

The plan was an quick success. yet there was an unintended consequence:

Mainly because of their particular beauty and built-in intrinsic worth (especially with the silver eagles) It turned out that American Eagles-especially the silver dollars-became a great overnight sensation amongst enthusiasts worldwide, who industriously started out collecting them as well as building sets of them by date and also condition.

Through its commencement in 1986, knowledgeable enthusiasts saw the Silver Eagle series as a "ground floor" opportunity to obtain top quality coins as they were introduced, and they busily started They began submitting Silver Eagles to the major independent grading companies, ANACS, PCGS and NGC.

The Objective ended up being simple" Find Silver Eagles that would certainly come back with the highest possible grade: MS70 (as close to flawlessness as the Mint can produce.

Several coins did come back as MS70'd, and the Silver Eagle Growth ended up being on!

MS70 Silver Eagles = Big Dollars !

Nowadays, many Silver Eagles that have been created are bullion coins. That is, they are fundamentally worth a little premium over the spot value of an ounce of silver.

Nevertheless for those Silver eagles that are graded MS70, it's a whole distinctive story. In the case of merely one of the rating services, PCGS, of the 100s of 1000's of Silver Eagles sent for grading through 2007, only 1 in 20,588 received the MS70 grade!

Marketplace prices of MS70 American Eagle Silver Coins have skyrocketed. Have a look at the PCGS industry value guide for just a very few of this series so far::

1986 - MS70 Silver Eagle $4,000 1988 - MS70 Silver Eagle $4,000 1995 - MS70 Silver Eagle $4,000 1997 - MS70 Silver Eagle $3,000 1998 - MS70 Silver Eagle $2,500

Now I enjoy collecting the Silver Eagle Bullion coins, and I think that the price of silver per ounce is in for a major increase, but that has absolutely nothing in contrast to the possiblity of the MS70 Silver Eagle coins.

That's the reason why I'm so bullish on MS70 coins as a excellent choice, great wealth protedtion hedge, and great wealth generation vehicle.

Oh yea they are furthermore simply beautiful. - 31899

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Don't Let Gambling Ruin Your Life

By Pete Macdonald

Gambling is described as betting or wagering that must result either in a gain or a loss. Gambling is neither, risk taking in the sense of speculation nor investing. Gambling in certain parts of the world has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last decade and is an increasingly popular recreational activity. A person gambles whenever he or she takes the chance of losing money or belongings, and when winning or losing is decided mostly by chance.

While gambling was once illegal, or viewed as a disreputable activity, social norms have shifted. Gambling is now a multi-billion dollar industry in places like Canada, and its growth is likely to continue. Surveys indicate that the general population favors funding charities, health care and other important initiatives through the funds that are raised from gambling.

While some may consider gambling only to be associated with casinos and racetracks, there are countless activities that are considered gambling. There are different reasons why people choose to gamble. Individuals may be gambling to win money, to socialize, for excitement or to pass time. For some people, gambling may become a serious problem that affects all aspects of their lives. And as gambling becomes more accessible, the number of people affected by problem gambling also increases.

Of course, there is a likelihood that the individual chooses to be impulsive. When you go into a casino or sit in front of a slot machine and you get reinforced and re-energized, then you're going to start anticipating money coming your way. Now, there are several types of learning.

One such type of this kind of learning is if you went into a casino and sat at a slot machine and you won every single time and then suddenly you stopped winning and you kept on losing, you could walk away from that slot machine because you would say to yourself "well I was winning then and I'm not winning now, there's no reason to continue or to hope for a turn of events".

Another sort of learning is where every time you went to the slot machines and you put your coins in and you never won, well chances are you won't become addicted. This is just another form of learning where they purposely make the slot machines pay out a certain percentage of the time. What happens over time and the casinos are aware of, is called variable reinforcement. So you don't know how often or even when that next pay off will happen.

So you're going to stay there and stay on until some point when you have to leave because you've been taught if you just hang in there that slot machine that card game will eventually pay off. The more they can teach you or you can learn that you cannot predict the pattern of when you're going to when to win or know when to pull out and take your money the better for them. They become hooked by this variable reinforcement principle due to the fact that they are unsure of their next win. The anticipation is what drives them and keeps them going. They are salivating waiting for the reward. This is the form of learning that converts normal people into gamblers. - 31899

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The Best of British - 1 Ounce Silver Britannia

By Lucy Grantham

The British silver Britannia one ounce coin is renowned for its beauty, comprehensive design, high quality and aesthetic value. The coin has an intricately detailed and attractive design that appeals to many coin collectors all over the world.

The silver coins were first brought into circulation as a convenient means for the public to purchase small amounts of bullion silver in the form of coins and has since become one of the the Royal Mint's most popular series. The silver coin was first introduced in 1997 after the gold Britannia coin's great success and has been reintroduced every year since.

It has a face value of 2 United kingdom pounds. It really is the largest and purest legal tender issued by the UK. The coin itself is manufactured from Britannia silver which happens to be 95.8 % pure. The remaining 4.2 % is actually filled with copper. It has an overall total mass of 32.45 grams' a fine weight of 31.10 grams' plus a diameter of 40.00 millimeters.

The silver Britannia contains 1 troy oz of pure silver. Every year the details of the coin change, however it continues to possess exactly the same core components within the design. On the front side of the coin is a portrait of the Queen and the flip side bears a picture of Britannia. Britannia is a mythic figure that personifies Great Britain and represents the strength of Britain. She was spawned around 117 AD, and was first portrayed on the old copper coinage of Charles II in 1672. Britannia has been highlighted on each Uk monarch coin since Charles II.

Silver coin lovers across the globe would be smart to add a silver Britannia to their coin cabinet. Such attractive Uk produced coins will not look out of place next to other treasured coins including the Aussie Silver Kookaburra, Austrian Philharmonic, American silver Eagle, Canadian Maple, Chinese silver Panda and Mexican Libertad. - 31899

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